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Orphan Black - Kira's Friendship Bracelet

Orphan Black - Kira's Friendship Bracelet

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This bracelet is a screen match to the one seen on Orphan Black Episode 5x07 "Gag or Throttle". This bracelet is worn on screen by Rachel Duncan for the majority of the episode and was "made" by Kira. The fun reality was that the prop itself was made by me.

This is NOT the bracelet worn by Tatiana Maslany on screen but a replica of the one originally made by Summer of String for the show.

Pattern Length: 4.5" | Bracelet Length: 9.5"

All Summer of String friendship bracelets have an adjustable clasp.

Copyright, trademarks, photographs and media are used with the permission of Boat Rocker Brands. This exclusive pattern is of my own design and was originally commissioned by Mackenzie Donaldson for use on screen on Orphan Black.

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